Hello there! We are Diana and Terry, two friends who have known each other for nearly two decades. We live on opposite sides of the country but share a love for all things handcrafted. 

We founded Labor of Love Co. because we believe that the best way to building meaningful connections with things you use in your everyday life is to make it yourself.

But we also understand firsthand how difficult it is to actually DIY and create items you love. Trust us, we've been there. When you have a new project in mind, there's that initial rush of excitement. You run out of the house with a list of items to purchase. But then, you get to the crafts store and there's an incredibly unhelpful salesperson. Next, a trip to the hardware store leaves you disoriented and hangry. And let's not even get started on how you have to buy in bulk when you only need one or two of that thing! The costs and stress add up, and you're  left holding a bag of random items but unable to even start the project.

We're excited to help you rediscover your passion for making things. Our kits provide everything you'll need to create useful, beautiful items that we know you'll love.